Parenting Lecture

This morning started out with the typical rushing, frustrating and bickering. At one point the dog had one of the girls socks in her mouth and this girl says to her sister “Can you help me get my sock back?” And the sister replied “NO”. To which I replied “You need to help your sister!” to which she replied dripping with attitude “WHY SHOULD I?!?!?” To which I replied: “BECAUSE YOU ARE A HUMAN FRICKIN BEING!”

And then I secretly blamed Donald Trump for ruining my children. I have spent a lot of time the past few months either obsessing about the horror that is Donald Trump or completely ignoring all politics because it is just too scary. And I want to write about it, but everyone is writing about it and we all know. We really all just know.

But when this joker started winning states, I started thinking deeper. There are a lot of really hateful people in this country. There are a lot of people who are racist, and sexist and homophobic and all of those things. And Donald Trump has given those people a voice. And the voice of the people have given Donald Trump more power and the cycle continues.

I don’t know if Donald Trump will win the primary, and I really cannot fathom him winning the presidency. But here is what I need to face immediately: We need to do more. Today is election day in Michigan and everyone is talking about voting. Use your voice and vote. And I did vote. And that is something, but that does not make all the haters stop hating. It does not make the ignorance go away.

So I started tonight with my kids and this is what I told them:

“Ladies, Donald Trump has showed us something about our country. And that is that this country has a lot of people who are hateful and racist and sexist and homophobic (and hell yea my kids know what all that means!) These people live in our country and want to take away rights of people that are different than them. And we are responsible to teach these people what it means to love and to respect. And that starts with being nice to your sister.”

Drop mic. Best mom lecture ever.

But really… we can’t just leave it up to the vote.  We have to love and to teach and to inspire.  We have to advocate and educate and not allow this to be okay.  Every single day we have to make a conscious effort to make the world a better place.  With our vote and with our voice.


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