know the truth

I worked in the adoption field for over 15 years.  During that time, the world changed.  The adoption world really changed.  The need for adoptive families for older children grew and grew.  At the same time the need for families for younger children became almost extinct.  And so we started talking about it.  We would plead with the community… “We need families for older children!”  At every single presentation and information meeting we would tell the truth of adoption.  There are no babies.  There are no toddlers.  There are school age children.  There are teen age children.  There are children with HIV and Spinabifida and Down Syndrome and Cerebral Palsy.  This is adoption.  And the crowd would nod and smile and even tear up a bit.  And the next day the phone would start ringing.  And this is what I would hear:

“I keep hearing about the orphan crisis!  And I feel God is calling me to adopt.  But God is calling me to adopt a younger child.”

“There are no younger children?  I will wait.”

I struggle so much with this.  How can God really be calling you to meet a non-existent need?  And how can I argue with God? (I also can imaging that some of you may be justifying your thoughts… maybe feeling defensive? It’s okay, I could go into extensive detail about the reality of adoption, the needs, the good intentioned participation that results in corruption.  I am not asking you to justify or defend, just to help)

Then some great minds came together and we thought: “What if the right people don’t know about the already waiting children?  What if people assume adoption is about younger children so they don’t even look into it and don’t realize what a shift has taken place?”

These conversations continued.  And the result of it has been astounding.  We worked with a high-school group in Saugatuck who educated their community about waiting children in foster care.  We have had many families calling who are ready to adopt or foster older children.  And, we started the production of a documentary.

We have made some amazing progress so far.  We are following three amazing families through their adoption process, both here in the states and abroad.  We have interviewed many other families and professionals who have amazing things to say.  We have received incredible donations from generous people and organizations.

And now, we need you.  We have $10,000 to raise.  So we have created a kickstarter. We need people to see it.  We need people to feel the emotion tied to it.  We need help sharing the truth.  We need to advocate for the children who are waiting right now, this moment today.  We need people to know the truth.  And the share it.  We need everyone to do something.  Give $1 or $100.  Adopt, foster, educate, support.  Something.  Just something.

So check out our kick starter and watch all the videos.  More will be coming!  Check of the gifts you will give for donating.  Follow our facebook page.  Let the reality of adoption settle in your heart and let your heart break.  And start throwing cash our way… cause it is for a great great cause.



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