After the barricade

I love all things Les Mis. The show, the soundtrack, the movie and the abundance of life lessons, and ethical dilemmas, and identity. My favorite, the one I write about a lot, is the passion of the revolutionary boys. Their dedication to fight a losing battle. Their desperate need to be heard, to fight for freedom, to change to the world for the underdog.

Just watch this…

And this:

And of course this:

And of course they lose. They fight until the end and they all die. The revolution is over, but they did not give up.

The Army approaches the barricade and says this: “You at the barricade listen to this, the people of Paris sleep in their beds, you have no chance, no chance at all, why throw your lives away”

And the people respond: “Let us die facing our foes, make them bleed while we can, make them pay through the nose, make them pay for every man, let others rise to take our place, until the earth is free”


If you want to watch:

So we have a bunch of men, fighting for change and they are all dead, except one. Marius. And he is broken about it. His dreams are gone, his life’s work has been destroyed. And he grieves.

And this is usually where I stop my processing. Because I am so encouraged and inspired by this fight. The fight that is fought despite the promise of loss.

But what I need to recognize today, is that Marius does live. He is reunited with his love, his family and he marries in a grand ceremony dancing and happy. That always was a little unsettling for me. Did he give up on his dream to free France? Did he take the easy way out? Or did he do what any person would do. He fought. He was saved, and he lived.

Today, I am sympathetic with Marius. I have fought a battle for what is right. I have spent my career fighting for the hurting, the invisible, the mistreated. And I fought hard. But I fought from a barricade with the power of the people. Not the power of an army. Not the power of money. I may have had ammunition, but it paled in comparison to the artillery of the powerful organization.

And even though I was dragged through the sewer, and hurt beyond belief, even though I will take time to recover from the brokenness that fell on me, I will recover. I get to move on, like Marius.

I have a new job. A new cause. A new army. I have people who believe in me and people I believe in. I will learn from my hurt and my brokenness. But I will rise. So, I say to the world: “Yes, I will join in your crusade, I will be strong and stand with you, I hear the people sing, I hear the distant drum, and I know there is future that I can bring when tomorrow comes.”

You really better watch this one (and if you impatient start at 1:50)




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