Today. Every day.

Today is World Refugee Day

Today we mourn 9 people killed in a Church by a white supremacist

Today there are about 21 States who have adopted the “Religious Freedom Act”

Every day our world is ravaged by hatred and ignorance. Every day someone thinks they are better than someone else because of religion or politics. Every day.

Today is another day that I will speak for those who have no voice.

Today is another day that I will look for ways in which I can do something more.

Every day we have to acknowledge our own hatred and ignorance. Everyday we need to be humble when comparing our values and beliefs to those who think different. Every day.

I am inspired by Pope Francis who said: “People who have contributed the least to the problem, are suffering the most”.

I am inspired by Lakhdar Brahimi who said:



I am inspired by John Oliver who said: “One failed attempt at a shoe bomb and we all take our shoes off at the airport. 31 school shootings since Colombine and no change in the regulation of guns”

I am inspired by Ellen who said:



I am inspired by John Stewart who took a break from comedy to share this amazing message:

Guys, here is the thing. It is not about me and what I want and what is best for me in my little world. It is not about you, and what is best for you in your little corner of the world. It is not even about your religion and how you interpret it in your little corner of the world. Until we start thinking about all of us, until we start ignoring our selfish motives, until we realize that our experience is so narrow in this great big world, nothing is going to change.

We have to value ALL human life. We have to value EVERY human experience. We have to educate our fears. We have to realize it is not just about us, and the rights we think we deserve as privileged Americans.

Ask yourself what you are afraid of and why?



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