Letter to my Senator

n2mcapitol-2I wrote a letter to my senator. There is a bill out there in Michigan that I do not agree with. I will say I even abhor it. I am helpless in doing anything about it so I am going with the democratic process and writing my senator. (I would have written my congressman, but they already voted. I will also send the letter to the governor if need be) I am not hopeful in anyway that my words will make a difference, but the only power I do have is to share my words, with these 2 people that I admittedly did not vote for nor will vote for in the future. I will not attach the letter here, but I would like to share with you the introduction I wrote in my email:

Dear. Senator Meekhof,

A few weeks ago, I accompanied my 4th grader and her classmates on a field trip to Lansing. As we walked through the Capitol Building, I found myself in awe of the beauty of the building and the history. We took time to view the house and senate floor and our tour guide explained to the children how they can engage their congressional delegates and advocate for change. Our guide talked about how bills become a law, and how citizens are a crucial part of this process.

I now face the dilemma of the adult citizen who has a more cynical view of the political process. I know that money and lobbyists drive politics and I know that my opinion is likely meaningless, as it is not attached to money or power. But because that 4th grade spirit was so recently touched, I will attach my plea to this email in hopes, that my voice will be more than heard, but actually considered. Because one of the reasons I am writing you is because I have no power and I need you to speak on my behalf.

Thank you for your time,

Sarah Zuidema


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