TED Radio Hour

TED_light_200x200_0I love this program on NPR, so I downloaded a bazzilion of them and listen to them in the car. Last week I listened to “7 Deadly Sins” and “Courage”. Today I am listening to Success. I am not even half way done but totally inspired. They started the show with Tony Robbins, who apparently is a very famous for motivational speaking…

I was driving to work in a snow storm and was madly taking notes while trying not to drive off the road. He said some very inspiring things.

1. When people talk about why they are not successful, they blame lack of money, man power, time, etc… What Robbins says is “It is not recourse that define success it is resourcefulness. And that resourcefulness comes from passion, connection and emotion.
2. We cannot control events or people, but we can control what life means to us.
3. Do something every day that makes your mind stronger

The next woman talks about the importance of GRIT. It is not about our IQ or how much we study or how smart we are, but about our stamina. Now this is good for me to hear because I love to talk about test scores and actual ability, but I stop there. I never get to the grit part. I may be a C student with a pretty shabby ACT score which has in no way impacted my “success”, but I don’t have the grit. The stamina. I get excited, overwhelmed and then lazy. I took the grit test and my score is 2.5 out of 5. (Take the test here: https://sasupenn.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_06f6QSOS2pZW9qR) Grit is my new goal.

I love getting excited about new things. I love starting. I don’t love long term, mundane or details. I also have known this about myself for a long time and I wonder what is now just negative self-talk? What is just a self-fulfilling prophecy? I know it is time for a major brain overhaul. It is time to stop surrounding myself with inspirational quotes and start living by them.

I think I say that a lot…


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