The solution is to agree with me

There are a few things that I feel extremely passionate about that are also controversial. I try to talk about these issue with people that I agree with because I am quite aware, I will never change anyone’s mind about politics, religion, guns or parenting. Because I am quite confident no one is going to change my mind. In no scenario I could ever dream up can I imagine becoming a republican, owning a gun or be converted to fundamentalist Christianity (the kind that discriminates against gay people and equality in general).

It is interesting though, to think, that the deep and desperate frustration and bewilderment I feel at people who are on opposite side of the spectrum than me, likely feel that same frustration and bewilderment about me (or my views).

I am not at all sure then, why I spend hours on the internet finding multiple articles and research that supports my views. Or why I think about smart, witty and jabbing remarks to people that may disagree with me. Or why, in my narcissistic ways, think that there is no possible way that someone could actually want a gun, vote republican and actually think Baby Wise, a book written by a minister, with no medical research supporting it’s strategies is a good parenting method. It is so absurd to me, that I believe they are just being difficult. All those people that own guns… it is not cause they want them, it is because they just want to get me fired up (no pun intended).

When you think about it, it is fascinating how people can be so completely and totally sure of their “rightness”. I know I am! People strap bombs to their chest for it. They hurt people because of it. They go to war over it. They kidnap children and destroy ethnicities over it. Over their fundamental right to their opinion.

And there is a tiny part of me that totally gets it, cause I would burn every Baby Wise book I could find in a dramatic bonfire. I would go door to door and collect every gun and throw them into the bottom of the ocean near the Burmuda Triangle. I would pull every single reality television off of television if I owned a network.

So what would happen if I actually had real power? How would my one sided decisions impact the world? Cause I can be anti war and anti gun, in theory, but what happens when I learn of a genocide happening and millions of innocent people are being slaughtered (you know like Sudan or Syria or Nigera/Uganda or any of the countless other countries that are hell bent on destroying people.) I would want to stop them. And to stop them I might just need to do things that I vehemently oppose.

I want gay people to have completely and totally equal rights, and I will fight for this but I will also be really angry and judgmental of those who disagree. Because somehow that is different (she said sarcastically).

I guess there are only two real resolutions to these issues:
1. Everyone just agree with me because I am clearly right about everything, OR
2. We have to actually love and respect everyone, but here is the catch… Everyone has to do it. The crazed militia strapping bombs to themselves, kidnapping and pillaging, as well as the children building a snow fort in my front yard. The Christians have to love and respect just as much as we ask the Muslims to do. The democrats have to love and respect the republicans and vice versa. Every single person on every continent, in every cave and penthouse apartment has to do it. All the time.

So as I process it, it may just be easier for everyone to agree with me…


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