Coffee and Community Practice

I watched an old movie with Josh and Abby this weekend: The Neverending Story. Although I think I may have seen it as a child, I really had no memory except an attic and a flying dragon type thing. But the movie had a couple of really cool quotes in it and I wrote them down thinking they would inspire a great blog. But at this point, I got nothing… 051612-206267-coffee-where-to-drink-michigan-madcap-1So instead I am going to write about coffee shops. It is a stunning Sunday morning. In fact this is the longest I have seen the sun out in many days. Josh is in the kitchen making homemade English Muffins and crock pot lasagna and the kids are engrossed in crafts, music and Netflix. I am wearing a cozy oversized sweater. I have a my hair up in a funky headband wrap. I have in front of me the following items: Pedagogy_of_the_oppressed1. An article from The American Prospect titled: The New Jim Crow 2. The following books: Pedagogy of the Oppressed, Rules for Radicals, A Path Appears and Community Practice 3. A syllabus for SW 676 4. A legal pad full of notes, thoughts, ideas and quotes. The margins are full, ideas are circled and starred…it is pretty genius. The issue is, sitting on my couch, surrounded by my life, I am uninspired. I mean I am studying Social Justice and Community Action. I am learning about uprisings and protesting. I am taking notes on the gap between the elite wealthy and the abundant poor. This kind of stuff does not happen on a couch in a suburb. I really need to be in a coffee shop. A real funky one. But since I live in suburban Jenison Michigan my options are: Starbucks in Meijer or Big Apple Bagels. You see my dilemma? (Please don’t mention Biggby as I do not even consider that a coffee shop, ick). madcap-1Downtown Grand Rapids has a couple great ones… MadCap of course, and now Lyon Street café. There is Kava in Eastown and Wealthy Street Bakery in the totally fabulous Wealthy street district. And that is just the tip I am sure. Even little Holland has a few great stops…Lemonjellos, obviously, although we all know I would never find a seat there, or not quite as great coffee but still fabulous is Simipatico on the South Side. -02086b738d4c4165 10418851_843194532370643_3514376697264151530_n Even more exciting would be if I was in the Kahldi Coffee in the center of Addis Ababa, or that great little place near Yezelalam Minch office with the wire chairs and tables. 1235952_10151883150779805_641845407_n 540781_10152205713750298_1188539925_n I suppose I could drive the slushy roads in the freezing cold to study Social Justice in Grand Rapids, but instead I am sulking on my couch that I chose the suburban life. The life that provides every comfort my family could need except funky coffee shops. Maybe I have found my Community Action, Social Justice project after all… coffee_art_06 MadCap


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