Not a Vampire

Blizzard4It’s a snow day. It is 1:00 in the afternoon and I am in my flannel pants, and over-sized hoodie and a bandana. Things started well. I got a ton of work done. We ate breakfast as a family. No one had to rush. I thought maybe things would clear up and I could head into work for a few hours. And because I would only go in for a few hours, I could wear jeans.

Prezi_logo_transparent_2012But the snow kept falling. And the puppy got wild. And one of the kids got really crabby. And I decided that if I have to give a presentation to a class at Hope College about international child welfare, then I should at least do it on Emaze or Prezi or something exciting.

The exact time I decided to tackle this project (I have tried before to use these sites with a 100% failure rate), one daughter was in the bathroom sulking because I asked her to actually do her chores to earn allowance and the other was getting attacked by a very wild puppy.

yosemite+samMy ears started to steam. Just like on the cartoons when a character gets angry and their ears get red and they bunch of their face and steam pours out. That was me. Because when I am not able to do something my response is furry. Which makes me even more furious. And then I want to give up. Because if I cannot do it the way I want to then why do it at all.

This sounds like a great attitude for a 38 year old mother, professional, professor right. But it is my attitude. I always wonder when people are going to figure out that I am faking my way through life, and this is why. These moments when I have the attitude of a toddler. When my pouting 12 year old is still more mature than I am.

THE VAMPIRE DIARIESAnd maybe this Emaze fail wouldn’t be such a big deal if I was not frustrated about so many other things. But I am frustrated about a lot of things. So instead of writing the presentation on boring old powerpoint, like I know I should have in the first place, I am going to go to my bedroom, climb under the covers and binge watch Vampire Diaries. I may be up till midnight finalizing this presentation, but at least I am not a vampire.


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