Night and Day

We arrived in Zambia at night. After a long day of travel. It really could have been a lot worse, but I got motion sick on the short flight from Bloem to Joburg, it was a terrifying flight really… so much turbulence! By the time we landed all I could think about was ginger ale and crackers. But first we had to walk the entire length of the airport, get rechecked to move into a new terminal and then through customs again. After an hour I was able to sit down and rest. I was able to face time my family and I was still not feeling well so this burst of emotion surface and the tears flowed. So I sat and felt sorry for myself and took a lot of drugs. The two hours on the next flight passed quickly as I was able to sleep. But we arrived to Adey’s luggage being lost so we were filling out forms and looking up addresses and phone numbers. We finally met Tom the driver and hit the road. The dark road. It was now 10:00 and the road dark so we could not see anything. We pulled into the dark compound that is house of Moses. It was quiet and no one was here to greet us. The security guard showed us the bathroom kitchen and our bedroom, which consists of 5 bunk beds and mosquito netting. We could not see a thing, except the giant bug scurrying across our floor. I murdered it. My shoe is still over it because it is so disgusting. I fell asleep so upset that this was our next week. I had nightmares all night long.

Then I woke up to the laughter and chatter of Zambian woman, I peeked out of my bedroom and saw women talking and folding clothes. The next room found a group of women cooking and laughing. I managed to find Jill who was is a very nice common room we had not seen the night before. She was drinking coffee and browsing the internet. The chef Christine served us coffee and toast and we relaxed as staff came in and chatted with us. We felt so very very welcome. There is a volunteer here from South Africa named Lauren. She arrived from Church early afternoon and immediately saved the day. We were facing a long day just sitting at House of Moses with nothing to do and we wanted to see Lusaka! So she took us to the market and we talked and shopped and enjoyed our time together. Lusaka reminds me much more of Addis Ababa than South Africa or Uganda did. It is a place where I feel comfortable and safe. It is a city of tiny stalls with fruit and vegetables.

I think this week will be good. It will be hot, we may not have electricity, we will be on African time and we will meet forever friends. This is the way I like it to be. So I will take the big bugs so I can stay in this wonderful place full of heart.


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