detroit-tigers-win-al-central---18jpg-e2a5607cece318e1Last weekend the Detroit Tigers (Major League Baseball Team) clinched their play off spot. Which is a fancy way of saying the won enough games to go onto the next round. I don’t really follow baseball, but I always love watching a team win a big deal event. They run and jump and hug and throw things in the air. It is so exciting.

MLB: Detroit Tigers at Kansas City RoyalsSo when the final out happen with a foul ball popped up and caught by the catcher, the entire team ran wildly the field throwing their hats slamming into each other with hugs and high 5’s. But because this was some sort of championship new t-shirts and baseball hats were being hastily thrown on each player. The T-shirts and hats said “Division champs”.

bales-e9259f171dce8b188003964565f76182d407f996-s6-c30Now when these T-shirts and hats were being made, it was unknown whether the Tigers would win. And I am assuming there were T-shirts and hats made for the Kansas City Royals that said Division Champions that are currently sitting in a box somewhere. (And when I go to Africa in a few weeks I will likely see all the children in orphanages wearing Kansas City Royal division champ T-shirts). And just to note there are 3 divisions which means there are 2 other losing teams which means there are that many more boxes and boxes of division championship apparel sitting in storage units ready to be shipped out to the next natural disaster.

see the plastic on the walls?

see the plastic on the walls?

And then they went to the locker room. Now, back in the day, when a team won a big championship a few bottles of champagne would be passed out, popped open, predictably spraying the players and they would pass it around to share some celebratory drinks. Well things have changed. The locker room was entirely covered in plastic. The players were all given ski goggles to wear in order to protect their eyes. They were all given bottles of champagne, which they shook together and counted down to 3 before they opened them and essentially dumped it over each other. I saw two people take a sip.

This was hardly a celebration, but a carefully choreographed routine. To me, it was a perfect cliché of America.


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