Mother Daughter

IMG_5242This past school year, my 9 year old daughter Abby had a blog. Her 3rd grade teacher set it up for all of her students and Abby loved it. She was so proud. A few nights ago she was having an anxious night. We were talking about ways to help anxiety (breathing, fidgets, talking…) I said what helps me the most is writing. Abby then had a great idea. “Mom, what if we write a blog together and it could be called ‘Kid’s view of school, Mom’s view of school’”. So here goes!

Mom’s view of school:

I used to be thrilled about the first day of school, get the kids out of the house! But now, with a 7th grader and 4th grader, I am on to school. Chaotic mornings, fights about shoes, bus stops, drop of lines, homework, bedtimes. Total structure. No room for laziness. In the summer, I only have to worry about myself, and trust me, that is hard enough.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am thrilled they are back in school and have something more to do that Netflix and ball tag. I will not have to hear the constant “I’m bored’s” or worry they are beating each other up while I am at work.

And like any weekend before school, I have decided this year is going to be different. This year we are going to have a system that works. So this morning, while walking the dog, Josh and I made some decisions:
1. Every night after dinner they will pack their lunches
2. Every morning they will come down stairs dressed
3. Once they are down stairs they will eat breakfast, do hair and brush teeth
4. Back packs packed and shoes on BEFORE any television is turned on.

I feel good about this. Until I remember we have similar plans every year and every year the program lasts approximately 3 days. Then things get lazy and when things get lazy things get ugly. But like any good intentions, you have to believe they are going to work and work well.

Cosmetic applicatorBut schedules are only one tiny piece of the puzzle. Because this year I have a daughter in Jr. High. Will she handle the transition to a new school and new schedule? Will she make new friends? Good, nice, kind, respectful friends? Yesterday she talked to me about eye shadow! Eye freaking shadow!

And my 4th grader (co-blogger) who has had anxiety about 4th grade for the past month. My 9 year old who is happy go lucky, social, smart and has always rocked school, is anxious. She does not have her top 5 friends in her class. She does not think she is going to like her teacher.

So between schedules, routines, anxiety and eyeshadow… I will say “Cheers to a great school year!”

Kids view of School:

My point of school . When I think school I think boredom and not fun . One school is not fun two kids only like fun Teachers should make lots of fun things to do so kids have fun at school like balls filled with water ask them question if it they get it right they can squeeze the ball on there self . Also some kids like to learn so some things are perfect the way they are . But I think school can be boring but fun . School is hard for some kids. So try to make it fun. So if teachers do this so school can be fun! (:


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