Facebook is freakin me out & I have a problem.

Canadian-FlagFacebook has entered a new level of stalking. They are usually close in their advertising to me. I get ads about a “great new pill that will reduce stomach fat in just 2 days!” The other day I was shopping on line for dresses and the ads were all about dresses. When I shop on line for boots, the ads are specific to the brand of boots I was searching (Bogs in this case). I get ads for Audible (already a member facebook, but good try) and yesterday I was directed to a facebook page that would help me immigrate to Canada. Ahhh, the country of Canada, where gun deaths are low so therefore in my mind everything is better.

Indoor-SMoresBut a few days ago, facebook really went to far. I was one of those days where I had decided to be liberal with my typical dietary choices. I may have blocked out a lot of what I ate, but I know I made 4 s’mores in the microwave for breakfast, had lots of pizza for lunch 2 ice cream novelty treats for snacks throughout the day and fast food French fries for dinner. The really big ones. I also ate a few bites of the cheeseburger my daughter had.

That night, I got on facebook and the side bar with advertisements was boldly tempting me to shop at a plus size store starting at size 18. Thank you facebook for someone knowing I gained 80 pounds in one day.

In other news, it seems Sarah is back to her old ways of binging on fast food and candy. They say six weeks establishes a healthy habit. I have been a vegan for 3 years and a few bad choices this summer has me headed down the road of gluttony once again.


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