Actions speak louder…(and Zombie Apocalypse)

There are occasional times in life when my kids ask a question and I realize my answer is opposite of my reality. For example, driving in the car tonight, my daughter noticed my eyelash curler (yes, I do my make up in the car…5 more minutes of sleep! I would brush my teeth in the car if I could!) She asked what it was and I explained “It is to curl my eyelashes”. To which she promptly replied “why do you want to curl your eyelashes?” The conversation continued as follows:

Me: Because that is what the world has decided is beautiful

Abby: Why does the world think that is beautiful?

Me: Because the world focus on looks and not inner beauty

Abby: But mom, you are beautiful even if the world doesn’t think so

Hanna: Don’t worry mom, you don’t need to be beautiful

Me, in my head: (so basically you are telling me that I am not beautiful?)

Me, out loud: Just remember girls, you do not have to change yourself to make others happy. Just be you, that is exactly who you are supposed to be.

No make up…
Guess which picture I have mascara and curled eyelashes in...

Make up

This conversation gave me some things to think about it. First of all I do way too many things to meet the standards of “The World” i.e. the media, mainstream culture etc. And despite the fact I do not want my girls to think they need to do these things (clothes, make up, material items etc) I still focus on them. I can tell them they don’t need to curl their eyelashes, yet I still do it every day.

Second, I care about what these people (media, mainstream culture etc) things of me. And I don’t even know or like “these people”! Why is it so easy to know how ridiculous these standards are, yet still feel the need to meet them?

Also, I had another conversation with the kids tonight, unrelated topic, but interesting none the less. Abby asked if we were Christians, which we talked about for a while, but I was curious about what brought that question on. She said: “Well we were playing last night talking about all the different kind of apocalypses there could be and we decided we would play Zombie Christian Apocalypse and everyone would die except the Christians.

Well… I guess there is always something exciting going on in our cul-de-sac…


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