Just keep writing…

4117209_GUsually I feel writing inside of me, and I sit down and I write, tonight, I feel this strong urge to write, but stare at an empty page. I have scoured all my notes and scribbled thoughts and nothing is clicking… which maybe is my topic. After all, my favorite show (Seinfeld) is a show about nothing.

I guess right now, nothing, is where it all is. In between something and who knows what. It may also be defined as contentment. I do not feel the need to fight furiously for something or the need to change something.

9780316176484_custom-471ca800e5fe1258f2d4059059b24d8c1d95a7ba-s6-c30Life is just plain good. And good does not necessarily write funny stories or passionate pleas. Contentment is a cool summer night after a productive day of work. Contentment is laughter. Contentment is being in the middle of a good book, knowing it is not going to end for a while and I just get to be with these characters for a while. It is not needing to have my life figured out.

Contentment is taking 5 different facebook quizzes that tell me everything I already know about myself. Can you imagine if they told me something different? What a crisis I would be in right now!

Contentment is a new haircut that is perfect for just a few weeks when everything cooperates and the color has not faded and you still get compliments and you look like you feel you should.

Contentment is knowing there is a lot of crappy things happening out there. A lot of things that will anger me, and upset me and fire me up, but on this night, just having peace with where I am in the world.


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