A short Sermon

Here I sit, listening to Jill teach about Trauma and it’s effects on the brain. I am watching this group of 25 Haitian professionals see brain scans of abuse and neglected children. They are wrecked. You can see it in their faces and hear it in their tone of voice. They are sitting in this uncomfortable place and they want to fight.

Jill asked “If we know that the brains of Haitian children look like this (small, full of holes) what does that mean for the future of Haiti”? You can feel the heaviness of it in the room.

I hear Jill give this talk multiple times a year. I teach it myself. But I am wrecked too. My eyes just fill with tears. The problem is so big! Haiti is a tiny country. The problem feels so big here. And then you think about the rest of the world. The rest of the children living in unsafe situations. One child is too much.

But when you are wrecked. When you have to sit with the knowledge of all this, you want to do. Fight. Fix. At least this group does. Not ONE person in this room is ok with the fact that children are being destroyed. We have our fancy words: abuse, neglect, trauma, complex trauma, ptsd etc, but what it really is destruction. There are people in this world that destroy children. And that is not ok.

And though I LOVE traveling and will go anywhere for anything, this is why I love it. Not because I like to sight see (which I do), meet new people (which is amazing) try new foods (which can be great or nasty) but because I love to be a part of a worldwide outrage for the destruction of children. I love to know be a part of a worldwide group of people who are fighters.

I love to learn new ways to fight and meet new people in this army. I love seeing people create a system in their community. I love that people want to jump in with both feet. That they sit on the edge of their seats soaking up the information instead of sitting back playing on their iPhones.

So I ask you, faithful readers, to find a better cause. What is more important that saving the lives of children? Going to outer space? Building a bomb? Lowering taxes? Please. Don’t even try to convince me otherwise.


3 thoughts on “A short Sermon

  1. I have worked alongside you for many years. And I have read so much of what you have had to say. But this “sermon” was beyond exceptional, Sarah. What a gift you have to inspire us all to do all that we can do for the helpless, hurting, and precious children in this world.

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