My religion is love. My religion is peace. My religion is acceptance. My religion is equality.

My politics are love. My politics are peace. My politics are acceptance. My politics are equality.

For 37 years I have tried to make sense of religion and politics. I have tried to figure out what makes sense and where I belong. I have become frustrated with groups and people and organizations. I have felt that I needed a definition, a group, a name.

But my religion, my politics, my beliefs, my dreams, my hopes, they are bigger than a definition, an organization, a movement. They are bigger than science and church walls and straight party tickets. They are bigger than boundaries of a state or a country. They are bigger than a mission statement or a creed or a theology.

But they are simpler too. They are much more simple than a political ideology. They are simpler than a mission statement or a movement. They are simpler than science or theology. They are simpler than government and borders and language.

My faith, my beliefs, my choices, my conscience, is NOT defined by donors, or media, or policies, or laws. They will not fit into boxes created by others or created by me. They are not driven by fear or by pleasing others. It will be hard to love all the time. It will be hard to be peaceful and accepting. It will be hard to walk far away from the boxes the world has defined. But I know deep in my soul that I have found where I belong. And it is nowhere. And it is everywhere.

I will say it again: My religion is Love. Peace. Acceptance. Equality. My politics are Love. Peace. Acceptance. Equality.


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