Last week I went on, as I like to do, about the injustices of the world, corporate America, and the increasing gap between the poor and wealthy. Then I went out and bought a new pair of shoes. Because I do not count. I can do what I want, but the rest of the world should be held accountable to my impossibly high standards.

shoes_iaec1200053Now, to change tracks completely… Sperry Top Siders, a popular brand of shoes. They seemed to become very popular about 3-4 years ago. They are boating shoes ( I don’t boat so I am not sure what makes them boating shoes, I assume good treads and water proof) I thought they were very ugly. And I continued to think they were ugly until about 2 months ago, when for some reason I decided I immediately must have them. So I bought a pair. I don’t boat, I don’t want to boat. I am afraid of even being on a boat (unless it is a massive cruise ship). But they are cool and that is what matters.

best-jean-jacketThis happens often. Maybe you don’t all remember when capri pants and jean jackets came back in style… A decade ago or more. I laughed at them. I swore I would never wear them. I rolled my eyes at the ridiculousness of fashion. And then I bought them. I have more capri pants than I can count and my jean jacket is my favorite item of clothing.

More recently the skinny jean trend started. Now that was a trend I was NEVER going to grab onto. Skinny jeans! Horrifying. Well, you guessed it, I now have many pairs of skinny jeans, skinny cords, and skinny capris.
Women's The Diva Skinny Jeans - Blackjack

So I just want to give you ample warning… the fashion trend I am currently laughing at looks like this. So my guess is, in 1-3 years I will be wearing it…


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