Brain washed

First off, I want to say I am NOT joining some cult or defecting from the United States. But I am thinking. A lot. I would say the last 10-15 years I have found, on a daily basis, that I disagree with a lot of main stream society thinking, at least what I am exposed to. I have spent time in other countries and come back frustrated with my own. I see politics and business running the world and making us believe we have the right to be wealthy Americans. I claim to be an “idealist socialist” yet I live my life in a capitalist way. I love to think about how the world should be. I love to talk about how the world should be. But I do not necessarily love to make changes about my life to fit these ideals.

But the last few months I have really been challenging myself to learn. To become educated, not just blindly have these sunshine and rainbow ideals. I what I am recognizing is how much I let the world tell me how to think. We have to chose sides with politics and associate with a certain monitory class. We have to identify ourselves as citizens of one place. We have to subscribe to the ideals of those with power. We all have our favorite news source, whether it be Fox News or NPR we take what they say as truth.

This week, someone I trust and respect posted an article on Facebook that stated Jewish people in Russia occupied Ukraine had to register themselves. I freaked out. I read the article and immediately reposted it. When I did this a dozen other articles popped up regarding how this article was fake. I quickly deleted my post and realized, I blindly assumed the truth of this and was excited to share it with the world. When I really had no idea where it came from and if it was legitimate.

I think about airbrushed and photo shopped models on magazines and how we know they are not “real’ but still hold ourselves to those standards. We still buy those magazines and read them cover to cover. We get angry about it, but we still support it. We are horrified by the “obesity epidemic” of America, but decide it is someone else’s problem. We still support the industry that turns our food into bioengineered stuff our body does not recognize. It is easier to complain and say “well that is just the way it is” then actually do something. Because we are comfortable. Because we have what we need. We look at people who interpret the Bible differently than we do as fanatics, but assume the way we interpret it is spot on. We look at other religious and judge, yet don’t look at our own religion and think how are we the same…How has our current culture, politics and economic situation effected our religion, education, work environment, families, debt, etc…

I am not buying into conspiracy theories, but I am wondering why I am allowing to be fed information that I take as true. Is 9/11 a conspiracy? Doubtful. But is it exactly as the government and media portrayed it? Doubtful again. I am not sure if any of you are following me here, but I guess what I am trying to say is the truth is always somewhere in the middle and the middle does not have a voice. I need to question more. I need to stop watching the world go by and assume “this is the way it is”. Because that is what we do… We talk in our living rooms and our happy hours and Facebook posts, but who is taking action?

There are groups that fight so hard for the environment and equality for humans. There are groups that fight for freedom and safe food and education reform. But these groups are controlled and limited by the power of corporations, politics and money.

We fight with in the system we have instead of fighting to change the foundation. I am not an Anarchist. But I am wondering if those who are, are not the crazy fanatics we assume them to be. Because the are asking questions and researching and speaking out. Are they right? I have NO idea. But they are asking questions. And not blindly accepting what is being told to them.

When I think of what is going to solve the problems of the world I think of Love, Equality, Acceptance and a little more love. But I also know I think about those things in what they mean to me in my box. I am unhappy with the world. I am angry that I want to make a difference yet still live my comfortable life. I want to join a movement, but if I do, I know I will be considered a fanatic and people will brush me off.

There is no perfect answer, but we will never get to a perfect answer if we do not even ask questions.


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