A voice

You knew this post was coming right… with all the World Vision stuff going on. First we are “allowing” same sex couples to work for us and then saying “woops” I guess we can’t do that cause of the whole sin thing. I mean really, the fact that they decided to “allow” it should be outrage enough. (at first I was like “Good for World Vision”, and now I am like, “what the heck, you need a policy about this?”) Then, if I was not heated up enough, they retract. Because Heaven forbid and “sinner” try to work for a religious institution that helps people.

IMG_0452So lets talk in generalities here. What if we have agency/organization ABC who happens to be a Christian organization? If they saw a hungry child who needed to be fed, are they going to ask their sexual orientation? What if that child needs schooling, or medicine? Do they ask their sexual orientation? And lets say this child says “Yes, I am gay”. Does aid stop? I am going to say no. But when that child grows up, and has a developed brain since they were not malnourished, and had the support and love of a family since they were not brought to an orphanage or put in foster care, and has a fabulous education because someone made sure school fees were paid and they got to school every day… when that same person applies for a job at the organization that helped make them the amazing adult they are today, they are told:

“No sorry, The Bible says marriage is between a man and a woman and despite they fact that you may or may not be married to someone of the same sex, despite the fact that your biology is different from ours, you are going to have to find something else to do. But if you live in a country where you are put to jail or put to death for being gay, well then we may fight for your equality, but just not your JOB equality. Basically, you have cooties”.

samesex_marriageThis is essentially what organizations are staying all over the States. Agencies are shutting down rather then serve or hire people who are homosexual. Agencies whose mission’s statements say “Love” and “serve” and “equality” and “care for”. Agencies who pull out Bible verses that they support them and discard the verses that don’t. The Bible says, “marriage is between a man and a woman”. The Bible also says “help people”, “do not judge” and ladies, “keep that hair longer than your shoulders”. And even if we all agree that marriage is between a man and a women (WHICH I DO NOT AGREE), no where does it say, we can not work with or for people who are in same sex relationships.

images-21I have been told by articles, churches, people, organizations, board of directors etc that my beliefs do not align with Christian beliefs and are not Biblically sound. But here is the thing. I am a Christian. And I sin, and I suck, and I fail and I have done some mean and cruel and shady things in my life, but I am not homosexual so you can hire me. And place children in my home. And treat me as an equal. But I don’t want your acceptance and I do not want to be in your club. I want so much more than you could ever give me. But I will not let that stop me from my calling and mission and passion in life. I cannot allow myself to be burdened with the voice of piety. I will speak my voice, and I will speak it for the hungry and the jailed and the diseased and the lonely. I will speak my voice even if not one person listens. Because I know, deep in my heart, that is the Christian I want to be. The person I want to be. The voice I need to have.

Here is another voice I like: http://religion.blogs.cnn.com/2014/03/31/how-evangelicals-won-a-culture-war-and-lost-a-generation/


One thought on “A voice

  1. Amen!!!!
    This is the Christian I too want to be! Loving without judgement.
    And “We” wonder why we loose so many young people in our churches!!!!

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