Making decisions…

npr_logo_rgbMy iphone fell in the toilet. Which is relevant because I cannot use it to listen to my music so I am listening to NPR. Which I like. But I can only take so much news. The news talks about people making decisions. And it explains why people make the decisions they do. And I got annoyed…

Stack Of Cash Making the right decision for the wrong reason: If a person, group, country etc makes a decision I think is valid and good, but they make it for really shitty reasons, is it still a good decision? For example Arizona. They had to decide if business could refuse services to people based on religious reasons. So, could a bakery refuse to make a cake for a homosexual couple? They voted against this. No discrimination allow. GREAT! But, in interviewing the law makers, it was made clear that if they did not pass the law, the super bowl may rethink their plan to play in Arizona next year. And it might keep businesses from moving to Arizona. So they passed this law, which is about equality. But not because they believe in equality, but because they do not want to miss out on business (i.e. $$$$$)

imagesThe slippery slope: If we allow ___ to happen then people will want ____ next. Again the first example that comes to mind has to do with homosexuality. “Gay Marriage”. An argument against same sex marriage is that if we allow people of the same sex to marry, next we will have to allow people to marry their animals. Yup, watch out world. There is a line of people at the court house with their turtles and cats and horses just waiting for the bill to pass.

imageIt is going to happen eventually: Ukraine is currently making some big changes. Old president out, new president in (It did not happen that easily, there were protests and injuries, and death and fighting) But it happened. So Russia decided it was time to step in. And now people wonder if Russia is going to take over Ukraine… remember the good old days of the USSR? Yeah, nothing like one nation taking over a bunch of others and imposing their culture, norms and laws upon them… but I digress… One interviewee stated “We all know in the next 100 years that Russia is going to take over Ukraine so they might as well do it now”. Yes sir, that is very thoughtful. We all know we are going to die so why eat healthy and exercise…

grey_iphone5sMy new phone arrives on Monday so I will be less involved with commentators of current events and back immersed in New York Times Best Sellers and Broadway soundtracks. And speaking of NYT Best sellers, you should all read “The Invention of Wings” by Sue Monk Kidd and avoid at all costs “The Goldfinch”. Your Welcome.


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