Behind the Facebook Status

fbFacebook is often criticized for giving the impression that everyone lives amazing fabulous lives. I do see people posting wonderful happy things on facebook, and I see a lot of complainers… but I think there can be a middle ground. I strive to be “real” but tend to err on happy so that I am not viewed as negative or a complainer.

This weekend I found myself posting pictures updates and check in’s from a weekend get-a-way. My weekend looked fabulous to anyone viewing it on facebook. And really it was a pretty sweet Chicago weekend. But there were some very not-so-sweet and very tiresome moments as well. Which I will share (not to complain, but to be real)

1. The train. It seemed almost romantic. Taking the train into the city. The truth was there was a lot of stress. Getting to MI City on time, buying the right tickets, getting on the right train etc. And it was not like Hogwarts express either (even though I tried to convince my daughter to run into a large pillar at full speed to get to platform 9 ¾ ). Lots of stopping and going, cramped space etc. The kids thought it was great… for the first 20 minutes. Then came the usual “I boreds”
2. Walking. My kids are great walkers. We hike along, we take walks and bike rides, they have the ability to walk many miles. But in the cold? When they want to take a bus? (b/c the city bus has some crazy novelty to it when you are 8 and 11). So for the 30 minutes it took us to walk from our hotel to the aquarium, they complained. A lot.
3. Hotel. We had a lot of down time in our hotel, which was fine. What was not fine is the Cartoon Network. Which the children thought was fabulous (we don’t have cable at home so they do not get to watch these shows). And even worse, the commercials. I despise commercials. Especially at Christmas time.
551402_10152047091979805_455026647_n4. The Show. What I was most excited about was going to see Elf, the Musical. I love musicals and Broadway. LOVE. And was super excited to take my kids to their first show. Throughout the first half I saw smiles and heard laughter. They seemed genuinely delighted. Until the intermission. We were standing in line at the bathroom and both girls looked rather sulky. I asked how they liked the show… They both expressed extreme disappointment that the “burp” scene was not in it. They did not have one nice thing to say. When I took them back to their seats they were even more upset that I did not let them stand in the 20 minute long line for overpriced candy.

I handled all this in true mature mother like fashion by pouting and sulking myself. So just remember, when someone else’s life looks amazing on facebook through pictures and status updates, there are usually just as many “non” fabulous moments that just don’t make the facebook cut.


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