cliches, comfort and contentment

Thankfulness is pretty cliché this time of year. And I am certainly not a fan of a day telling me what to feel. Valentines day: love. New Years Eve: resolutions. MLK day: equality. I think we need take moments, daily, weekly, hourly… to express what is on our hearts. Is it thankfulness? Love? Advocacy? Freedom? The celebration of someone’s life.

Now don’t get me wrong, I will take a holiday, any holiday, especially if I get to sleep in. But it seems holidays become stressful. I know many people taking the day off today just so they can cook. And they are stressed. I know someone making a pecan pie that she doesn’t really like, because she was told this is what we eat. And in reality, I am sure this is all fine, but there is a part of it that seems silly to me. I feel like it just boils down to pressure and expectations. And when we feel pressure and have high expectations, that is a recipe for disaster.

Well, all of that is really not what I set out to say this morning, but I guess I said it anyway. What I am really thinking about is thankfulness. And not because tomorrow is thanksgiving, but because I am sitting in my living room, and the sun is pouring in and I am drinking a cup of coffee and all the children in the neighborhood (including mine) are playing outside in the snow and I am just happy. Plain and simple happy. And it is such a powerful feeling.

I feel like I have spent the last few weeks focusing on all these things I “need”. New flooring in my kitchen, a new front door (preferably red), all my trim painted white, new furniture… at that is just my house. I could make a list about clothes, vacations, technology, art work, cosmetics, professional accomplishments…

So today, as I sit in my pajamas, in my old but super comfy arm chair, surrounded by my oak trim. I am only thinking about sunshine and children’s laughter. And the knowledge that that alone makes me happy.

So I am thankful for contentment. For the days that I can find happiness in simple things and that I can see how powerful simple things really are. And I am hopeful, that I can have more days like these. Especially the sunshine part.


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