Start a revolution! (with some help from John Lennon)

When is enough enough? Well for me it is today. Here is what I want to revolt against:

1. Rules
2. Boxes
3. Policy
4. Testing/qualifying
5. Micro management
6. Selfish people in power
7. Narrow mindedness
8. Decisions made out of fear


You get the drift…I feel so trapped. As a person, a professional, a mother, a community member, an American. We are being shoved into boxes and overwhelmed with rules and it is all out of other people’s fears. It is because one person made a mistake and the rest of us can’t be trusted. It is because we live in fear of change. It is because everyone has an agenda and the bottom line is not the good of humanity, but their own bottom line. Success. Wealth. Power.

Where is the line. How can I be a good social worker, when I have 27 different rules that all contradict each other regarding one policy. How can I be a good mom when I want my kids to play and enjoy childhood, but also want them to succeed at school (the same school the teaches in a way that is only beneficial to some kids and measures success not with a child’s learning, but how a child is measured to the rest of the group.)
How can I live in a community in which everyone argues about what school is best, how money should be spend, how many non-profit agency’s can inhabit the empty buildings because non profits don’t pay taxes and somehow an empty building that doesn’t play taxes in hope of a for profit business to move is a better option than a non profit that can help the community.
And I am just gonna say it, how can I help people when the dominate religious community takes “moral” stances on issues and keep important change from happening.

Sure, I could move, but what does that do for the people in this community who still need advocacy. But I can’t advocate because there is a chain of command for that. I am only allowed to talk to certain people who are allowed to talk to someone slightly more important and the chance that my concern will every make it to the right person is slim to none. And even if it does make it there, that person will have to actually decide it is worth their time. I mean I am only trying to make sure kids are in healthy families and getting their basic needs met.

All I want is for people to go to school, and go to bed in a warm house. Or have access to healthy food. Or a job that allows them to have enough money to meet basic needs. All I want is for all people to be treated equal. That is not a lot to ask is it? Equality? People want the right to bear arms, but they do not want 2 men to be allowed to marry? People fight for smaller government, but no one wants to be responsible for the issues and people the government is taking care of (albeit not to my standard).
We send people to the moon yet we cannot take care of our own world, we bomb nations, but allow others to suffer. We justify our selfishness with religion and rules. We trick our minds into falling asleep and deciding it is someone else’s problem. Well guess what. It’s not. It is my problem and your problem and if we do not get our narrow minds our of our comfortable pile of sand then we are not doing what we were created to do.
images-1Love. Love is not bearing arms. Love is not lowering taxes. Love is not standardize testing. Love is not being the most powerful. Love is making sure no one suffers. Love is making sure no one is alone. Love is helping people who hurt. Love and judgment can NOT exist together.
So imagine with me please…


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