imagesEach of the trainings we conducted were two days. In the states, after a 2 day training, you book it out of the room. Heck, after a 2 hour training you hit the road. So when Jill and I had signed the certificates we figured we would lay them out on a table and that would be that. But they do things differently here. Jill and I stood in the front of the room and Adey held the certificates and called names one by one. Each participant walk to the front while their peers applauded. They shook our hands and we handed them the certificate. And let me say, these were the most professional certificates I have ever seen! Then were the group photos. People would rearrange themselves to be near the trainers.

This makes me wonder, HOW did I get here? How I am at the front of a class handing out certificates. What makes me worthy to be the person to do this? There are moments in my life when I realize I have grown up. I am a wife, a mother, a professional… I still feel like that 13 year old kid living with my parents. Except I wear a suit coat and enroll children in school and have a mortgage. Will I finally feel my 37 years when I am 57?


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