Tall and Short, Weather and Water.

A few stories from the day…

We both have colds, not bad ones, just annoying ones. I am losing my voice. Which is not good for my career.
We were looking for some cold medicine and found a pharmacy. Between acting out our symptoms and saying “no” to various remedies we settled on one. As we were leaving the cashier says “Wait, how come you go together? A really tall one and a really short one?” We both laughed and I leaned my arm on Jill’s shoulder and said she is my arm rest.

Our taxi driver though I may be the tallest girl in Ethiopia. Speak of taxi driver, we were not totally sure of his English and driving to lunch today I was teasing him a bit. For example he hit a bump while I was putting on lip stick and I said jokingly “Hey! I am trying to put on lipstick” The group in the car laughed, but I was not sure if he appreciated my humor. At the end of the day though, he said. I am ready to drive the short one home, but not the tall one… she is trouble. Kindred spirits, even with limited language.
We are staying in an area of the city where white people are not such a novelty. Which is nice, but it is also nice being a celebrity.

It would be easy to be a weather man here. It rains, HARD, at noon, for about 1 hour every day.
When our training was finished today, we did not just hand out certificates, we had a certificate ceremony. Our colleague Adey read the names and the participants came up one by one and shoot our hands and we gave them the certificate. Like graduation day. I felt l needed a cap and gown.

This morning I drank a double macchiato, 2 24 oz bottles of water, 3 large cups of tea and then and lunch had 2 24 oz bottles of water and still did not need to go to the bathroom. Curious…


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