sleep, training, coffee and socialism

What a lovely night of sleep! Jill and I sat on our balcony watching the city go to bed and talked about all the deep stuff in life. Like gun control. We decided it is time to get rid of the guns. We were in bed at 9:00 and slept solid until 6:00 am. I enjoyed a relaxing breakfast at the café next door while I caught up on news and email and various forms of social media. It felt great to be back in the office, seeing colleagues, reuniting with old friends.

It is fascinating to train here. The focus of the attendees is unlike anything I have seen. They write madly, they are making eye contact. There are no phones out and no one leaves to answer phones. I am reminded about the importance of being fully present. I always tell myself that I can multi-task and focus on multiple things. I tell myself it is ok to check my phone so I can stay on top of emails or make sure my kids are not trying to get a hold of me. And sure, that works, but I am not fully present. And that is what I see here. And I love it.

I also love that when we break our trainees into groups to practice skills, they do this in Amharic. And despite the language barrier, I can tell they are getting it. Doing it, practicing it. They are so intent to learn. Soaking it all up.

And they laugh and joke. And they support and share. And they are affirming and loving.

And have I mentioned the coffee? I can take Ethiopian coffee home and it is not the same. I can order something at Starbucks or other good coffee shops at home and it does not even come close to a Macchiato here. It feeds my soul.

And I want to take this moment to talk about Bethany. And I am going to be blunt. There are a lot of adoption agencies out there doing shady work. Doing adoption work with the wrong focus. And I see a trend happening. People wanting kids. People wanting kids fast. And agencies respond to this demand by finding kids. And these children might not need finding. There is corruption and unethical actions in International adoption, and people close their eyes to it because they want something to be cheap or fast or easy. And that is not what it is about. And when I am here, and I see people fighting for these kids, for their best interest, I get pretty steamed about the people that brush that aside and justify their intentions as good. I am going to say it one more time: “Adoption is NOT about getting a kid fast”. Adoption is about being a family to a child that does not have one. And being the family that child needs, not expecting the child to be the child you want him/her to be.

And with that I will sign off… I have already covered gun control and child trafficking… before you know it I will cover universal health care and basic human rights and someone will be calling me a socialist… (and to them I say “thanks for noticing!”


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