Never Seasoned.

I don’t think I will ever totally have travel by plane figured out. We arrived in DC last night and went to the hotel shuttle area. After about an hour we started to wonder where our shuttle was. So we called. And learned if you want to the shuttle to pick you up, you need to call. 15 minutes later we were dumping our stuff in our room so we could make the most of a lovely DC night. We hopped on a bus, which only took exact change and I had a 20. So holding everyone up I yelled “Anyone have change for a 20?” Which about 4 people jumped up to help us (I love people!) The ride in I sat next to a Nigerian man who told me all about how to start a business in Nigeria, Nigerian politics, Nigerian corruption, etc. So if you ever need that info, I tucked it away…

DC was really pretty at night. All the monuments are lit up and there is little traffic (cars and people). We strolled for a while and found a place to eat which was very nice. We then wandered back to the bus about 10:00 and realized that the bedtime for homeless people is about this time. The park benches were full of sleeping people, tucked in with their blankets and shoes placed under the bench. The last bus was supposed to leave the city at 11:30 so we were not to worried about time, but made it to the stop just as the 1030 bus pulled up. As we boarded we realized this WAS the last bus of the night. We need to spend more time learning how to read a bus schedule! 1 hour back to the airport where we grabbed a cab to the hotel and went straight to bed.

This morning the shuttle left at 7am and we were ready to roll. We were checking our bags and such and the guy helping us stated we had too many carry on’s. We each had a small piece of luggage and a backpack. Nope. Not on Ethiopian air. 1 piece of carryon luggage under 20 pounds. So we were ushered to the side and ordered to rearrange and repack. Nothing better than spreading your underwear all over the floor of the airport for all to see.

But all is well, we made it to our gate (No Starbucks!!!!!!!!) and are waiting to board our 13.5 hour flight. Let’s hope all is well and we can get comfortable, sleep and enjoy some great movies. And hope our luggage arrives cause we had to put our extra clothes in checked luggage. Although training in yoga pants has always been a dream of mine…


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