Thoughts from my children

“All my bags are packed, I’m ready to go…”

The eve another trip. My 6th trip to Ethiopia and 2nd to Uganda. The 8th trip I have taken abroad for work. And I am just as excited about this one as the first. I don’t see it as a hassle or frustration. Because I get so much out of these trips compared to what I give. I absolutely LOVE these trips!

I love airports and hotels.

Refueling in Sudan

Refueling in Sudan

I love new people. I love being a minority. What I love the most is being somewhere so different that what I am used to and finding kindred spirits.
See me a head above the rest?

See me a head above the rest?

My kids don’t like me to go. They are typically fine when I am gone. (currently they spend every waking hour not in school playing SPUD with the neighborhood kids and need me for nothing… they would be more upset if their favorite ball left for 2 weeks) So tonight we snuggled and I tried to explain to them why this work is so important to me.

377955_10150455228209805_802865961_nHere is the gist of what I said “The biggest blessing I have is that I get you girls. I got to be pregnant with you and raise you. We are all healthy, we have everything we need and more. You have someone to tuck you in at night and help you with your homework. To take care of you when you are sick. We have a family and that is the most important thing. And because I have all of this, I want to make sure other kids have it too. Cause there are lots of kids who don’t have moms and dads, or can’t live with their mom and dad because they are poor or sick. That makes me sad and I want to try to help.”

1098148_10151765136184805_931038647_nAbby (8 1/2 years old) says “How many kids are in one orphanage?” I told her anywhere from 6-600. She left the room. A few seconds later she came back with 3 of her stuffed animals. “Can you give these to the kids” (BE STILL MY HEART! I am happier when my kids show empathy than when they get an A). So I gushed and thanked her and hugged her.

Johanna (age 11) says “I think I would like to go to Ethiopia because they have all those braids. Or is that the Bahamas?” Well, 1 out of 2 ain’t bad…


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