Before you look at the speck in someone else’s eye, look at the plank in yours. Yup. I have a big old plank. Maybe two. Because I am preaching love and acceptance and tolerance and yet, I am full of hate and rejection and judgement.

There is this bumper sticker floating around that looks like this:
One night I was in a meeting and a person was upset that these bumper stickers were all over Hudsonville. (totally beside the point I like the bumper sticker, but feel we should do way more than coexist). But, here is the thing, I got angry at him. I rolled my eyes (which, indecently is still very easy to do when there is a plank in them). I went all over, telling everyone I could that this guys was anti “coexistence” and what a jerk he was. Except in doing that, in my anger, was I coexisting with him? Even coexisting would have been better than anger.

here is another favorite of mine:
See how I am now moving past coexisting to loving? Yup. Love, that is what it is all about. I love all of those neighbors. But if my neighbor does not love someone, well, all bets are off. Then I get to hate them. How is that o.k.? Just because I love people, does not mean I get to hate those that don’t love them.

Let me try again to explain… I get mad, LIVID, at people who judge and hate. But I am doing the same to them. So where is the balance? How can I love everyone, but not tolerate hatred and judgement? And how can I not tolerate hatred and judgement with out hating and judging? I think Jesus might have a lot to say about that. In fact remember that good old story in the New Testament when JC when off on the Pharisees? He tipped over their tables in the temple and gave them a piece of his mind. But he loved them. And I am going around tipping over tables, but don’t have a lot of love.

I received an email from Dennis Rainey (Family Life Today) He blasted out a notice that tomorrow’s regularly scheduled programing will be changed because “blah blah blah the world is going to hell, gay people are destroying the core of the universe” (loosely quoted) (oh geese, see, this is my point, I am all sarcastic and mean? Where is the love SaZu????) And I immediately hit reply and starting to rant and rave and “Take me off your email list!” and then I realized no one would actually read the email and deleted it. My first response again… ANGER. I am doing the exact same thing that I despise in Family Life Today.

I read this blog post today and it is what got me started thinking about my void of love. I think she really nailed it. “I love Gay People and Christians”

I also went back to a post I wrote a few months ago “Entitled to Hate” in which I feel I made a lot of good points, but they are woven in with judgement and anger.

So, how does one just LOVE? How can I put aside my agenda and “Be the change I want to see in the world?” How the heck am I going to get this plank out of my eye? And how can I do that while still advocating for causes I am passionate about? How can I both love and advocate? How can I withhold judgment while fighting for the rights I believe in?

For starters I think I need to stay of Facebook on the night of controversial supreme court decisions…

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.”

Thanks MLK. You nailed it.


3 thoughts on “Hypocrisy.

  1. Loved this to the very core..we just TRUST, we do not, cannot question. You are so very “on” in your writing and I truly appreciate all you offer. We just need to Love and Accept and move forward.

  2. SaZu, this may be my all time favorite entry of yours. This is a question all of us need to ask, and one I am asking myself a lot the last few years: how do I stand up for things I believe in without coming across as judgmental, angry, vindictive? More and more I see people getting really good at the anger part, but forgetting the love part. Let me know when you have this figured out and I’ll do the same. Peace.

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