setting myself up

Sometimes I consider doing things just because it will make a great blog post… Like today someone mentioned if I got a goat, I would surely have things to write about. Which is true. Can you imagine the stories I would have if I had a goat in my backyard? They would be good. Especially if I wanted to use it for milk, but accidentally bought a boy.

What if I moved to Patagonia?
I could have many adventures climbing mountains, saving the rain forests, mangling language…

But my township does not allow goats, and I can’t afford a ticket to the Southern Tip of the World, but changes are coming… and as much as I loathe people hinting at changes and not talking about them, I am doing just that. Because right now I have to sit in the middle of excitement and sorrow, joy and fear, promise and failure.

And I have to be o.k. with that. So instead of setting myself up for a funny blog post, I will just live life, and as I promise, take you along for the ride


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