BoredHow is it that a married, mother of 2 with a full time job is bored? All the time. All you people that are “so busy I don’t know what to do” are seriously lying. I am starting to wonder if there really is anything to do. I work 8-9 hours, I commute for an hour, I eat supper, I put kids to bed and that is it.

I will not be one of those people that can not rest until the house is perfect. In fact I am staring at a pile of 4 pairs of shoes and could care less if they sit there all week. Even if I put them away, it would take 10 seconds and back to bored again.

I mow the lawn… That is 45 minutes 2x a week. Back to bored. I read… but how many chapters can you really read in a night? I play endless games of solitaire and sudoku.

And as I sit slouched in my chair night after night, weekend after weekend I wonder what everyone is doing. And then I wonder why they are doing it.

polls_bored_frustrated_pink_41_2222_535249_pollIs it pitiful that I have no desire to garden, cook, clean, bake, organize, craft, etc? It just sounds annoying. There are no t.v. shows I have any desire to watch and I may have already browsed the entire World Wide Web (That kept me busy for most of a decade) So here I sit. And I think that I am becoming so bored that I am not even sleeping anymore. My mind is so underused that I am not tired.

And some of you sharper readers out there may be thinking: “Bored? That girl is depressed”. Which sounds probable, but impossible since I am already on a few meds for that…


One thought on “Bored.

  1. tally marking the days….that’s what I call it….and I hate it….I agree….come over for some lemonade – we can be bored together 🙂

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