Phone Etiquette

It is one of those days where I eat my entire lunch before 11 a.m. I got a Grande at Starbucks instead of a tall. I laid in bed when my alarm went off and watched New Girl on Hulu because I could not face the day. I really want a Diet Coke.

Tulip_Time_in_Istanbul_by_WhiteWayIt really has been a good week. Perfect temperatures in the mid 70’s. Blue sunny skies. It is Tulip Time so I am strolling the streets of Downtown Holland surrounded by beautiful tulips and fun people. I Dutch dance every night which is always fun (except no matter how hard I try I always pee my pants and my waist line is a little tight…

My husband is home with a bulging disc. He is miserable. I have been able to take a few days off to take care of him which is nice and actually a bit relaxing.

But I woke up tired. Really tired. I just felt empty. I managed to get the kids out of the house (they had McDonalds and donuts for breakfast) I got a release signed at the doctor’s office to transfer the kids medical records to a new doctor. I dropped the kids off at school and made it to an 8:30 staff meeting at 9:00.

So when I walked in to staff meeting it was the middle of a training on mindfulness. At the very end, my co-worker who was presenting asked if we wanted to listen to the song she had played at the beginning of her presentation. (I must of missed it). It was a fun, happy song and instantly cheered me up and since I had been pretty gloom and doom all morning, I wanted that song on my play list.

imagesSo, as staff meeting was going on, I looked up the lyrics on line, found the name of the band and looked it up on Itunes. The second I found it on Itunes, the song started blasting out of my phone. The meeting stopped, 40 people started at me and laughed. I could not make it stop so I ran.

I learned my lesson…

If you want to hear/watch this song that got me in so much trouble, click here!


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