A short story with lots of background and pictures

imagesBefore I go into the real post here, I want to tell you about the other 23 hours of my day so that I do not give off the impression of being one of “those” moms. You know the ones; they are super invested in their children’s fun and can turn an empty roll of toilet paper into a work of art.

This morning I woke up at 9:00, because I was woken up, certainly not on my own. I am not sure what the children were doing, but I think one of them had potato chips for breakfast.

imagesI spent the morning in yoga pants and my husband’s hoodie eating peanut butter strait form the jar as I finished my lesson plans and intermittently checked facebook and watched the last week of The Daily Show.

So the reason I decided to have an adventure with my husband and children was purely so I would not be guilted into cleaning if I stayed at home. But as all adventures I take with my family, it turned about to be well worth the effort.

IMG_1599Last weekend we enjoyed a few days in D.C. exploring the mall, museums, metro and old town Alexandria.



IMG_0171This weekend was looking much more grim. So Josh suggested geocaching. (Basically a scavenger hunt in the woods using a GPS, which I do not know how to use). Now, I like to appear woodsy and outdoorsy and often will put bandanas on my head to imply I have climbed a mountain, but the reality is, I usually choose the couch.

So all that background is there in case you feel guilty for not doing something outdoors with you children today, you clearly do not have to.

IMG_1666And really the story is, I went geocaching with my husband and kids today. (which is more of a sentence than a story so I had to add previous fluff to make it seem interesting.) And all of the above are really just reasons to post a few pictures of me looking awesome…





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