Lessons from a road trip

We left home at 4:00 on Thursday, right from the parking lot of the kids school, for a long weekend to D.C. Here are some things we learned along the way.

A good bathroom on a road trip in Ethiopia is still worse than the worse bathroom on a road trip in the States.

Never go to a restaurant attached to a gas station. It is always 2x as slow and 2x as dirty as a regular KFC.

When there is no logical reason for a traffic jam it is very frustrating.

There are 2 kinds of people. The people who merge to the right when the sign says left lane closed, and the people who stay on the left until the last second.
There are 2 sub-categories of these people. People who drive on the shoulder at 70 MPH until the exit 2 miles away and semi trucks who straddle lanes to not allow those left lane people and shoulder people to pass. I love those semis!

We will always choose the food/gas/bathroom exit that, we realize, at the very last second, that the restaurant/gas stations are 3 miles down the road instead of 0.3 miles and of course we get back on the highway and the next exit is 76 miles away.

A beautiful sunset over the countryside makes me happy. But not my kids. They still prefer Angry Birds.


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