Entitled to Hate

This post is not a political post. But it is about politics. It is not a religious post. But it is about religion. This is a post about respect. This is a post about love. This is a post about caring.

There is a “trend” I have been seeing that I do not like. I see it on facebook and likely would see it on twitter if I knew how to use that crazy site. I am seeing it on the news and reading about it on blogs. What I see is dis-respect. Hatred. Opposition.
It happens during elections. It happens during big supreme court cases (i.e. “gay marriage”) It happens with any partisan topic or when any religion is standing up for their beliefs. Now, I assume if you read my blog you know I am a Christian. And I also assume if you read my blog you know I am an optimistic socialist and liberal. But this is not about you agreeing with me. Because I am pretty confident I am not going to change your mind if you don’t. Just like you are not going to convert me to Islam or convince me that I should be a Republican.

Everyone is entitled to their beliefs. That is our right and privilege. It is an awesome right and privilege at that. But are we entitled to hate? To Judge? To oppress? No. I don’t care if you are right or left, Christian or Atheist, Muslim or Buddhist. Where does judgment and hate bring us?

I decided a long time ago not to be political on facebook. I try, really hard. But when I see people being political on facebook and I get all worked up I remember why it is pointless. Last night I had to work really hard to bite my tongue. Really hard. Someone on facebook was telling me how to be a Christian. That really pissed me off. It made me more mad than if they just stated their political opinion (which I happen to disagree with). They took their personal opinion, which they have every right to, and pushed in on the facebook community by saying “How can you call yourself a Christian if…”
So I am spitting mad. Because I do call myself a Christian and now I have judgment from another. But this morning, I am not mad anymore. I am disheartened. Because, we, who should be together, are now judging each other.

And I see this everywhere. Judgment. We spend all of our energy discussing how others are wrong. How that person/group made a mistake. How “they” are going to ruin the State, Country, even World. I see people every day doing something good for humanity. I see people donation money, sacrificing time, giving resources to help children. But they are judged for helping the wrong children.
Here is what I think. (And I might be sounding judgmental here) I think we are so wrapped up in defending our narrow minded views. I think we are living in the tiny boxes or our minds, that have experienced 1 percent of this world and we are using those experiences to judge. To hate. To be self-righteous. We hid behind the Bible, the Koran, the teaching of our religious leader. We hide behind our political affiliations. If we point out the speck in someone else’s eye, will no one notice our plank? If we put people down, will they be so powerless that they do not have the confidence to call us out on our hypocrisy?

Can we take politics out of the picture? Can we take religious discord out of the picture. Can we think, for one moment, about what is really important? Can we think for one moment about happiness and joy and good we see in the world. About what brings us together?
We are all human beings. We had no choice as to where we were born, with what characteristics or genetics. We were not born to hate. To be separate. So here is where I am at. I am pissed. I am pissed at myself for perpetuating hate. I am pissed at you for doing the same. I am pissed that someone told me I am not a Christian because I do not agree with them am pissed that we spend everyday being full of judgment and hate. I don’t care about anything else in this moment but love and respect. What would happen if that is what we all cared about?. Because we are NOT going to change anyone’s mind about politics or religion. We are NOT going to help anyone by meanness and judgment.

The only productive, meaningful thing any ONE person can do is love. And I KNOW that is the truth.


2 thoughts on “Entitled to Hate

  1. YES! I was just discussing this with a friend at lunch today. I was biting my tongue and getting pissed while scrolling through facebook last night too. Love this post!

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