“I’ll pray for you.” It feels so cliché to me. My first impression is always to roll my eyes. When an organization says “first of all, we need your prayers”, I think, you are just saying that so when you ask for money it sounds better. I know, I am cynical about it, but at least I am honest, right? People pray before they eat and I don’t, but I pretend to so I don’t look silly. But it is insincere I my part so then I feel bad. So now I don’t fake it. I am just not a “pray before I eat” kind of girl. Or before meetings for that matter.

But this week, I have been stressed and doubtful and scared. I have questioned my purpose in the world. And people have been very open about their prayers for me. And I know they were genuine. I was being prayed for across the ocean and it felt good. It felt reassuring. It felt comforting. It felt real.

Jill, my travel companion had this reflection yesterday.

I am so grateful for all of you! I am grateful for our prayer warriors! Our job and task here in Africa is so big and the devil tries to stop us, ware and tare us down. He wants us to quit and to give up. He wants to tempt us and break us down. However through you and your prayers we are given strength, courage, stamina, and fight! With your prayer today we were able to press on! I truly felt comfort and peace today when we began our training! I felt your love and support all day as we trained on some very important topics! I am so pleased to announce to you all that your prayers worked! The training went very well! It was successful! They heard us, they understood, they participated, they problem solved, they asked great questions, they laughed, they sang, they prayed for the children, and they danced. They stood for us and they clapped! They said they can’t wait to hear more tomorrow! Amen! Your prayers are working and I feel good! Thank you so much to all of you and ask you to continue to join us in this important task!!

And my dear friend Valerie wrote this blog:


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