I love.

486540_10152657553885298_99463661_nWrapping up day 2 of training, the participants are in groups, they are fully informed and are being asked to assess children. They are leaning their heads together. They are writing furiously. They are putting knowledge to practice. For 2 days these 20 people have been sitting in plastic chairs in a dark room, listening to people speak in a language that is not their first. They are hot, they are thirsty, they are uncomfortable and they are listening. No phones are out. No work is being done on the side. Everyone is looking, focused, paying attention. They are asking question and applying knowledge. I am in Heaven. Truly I feel that this is a gift being given to me. I love these people. I respect them. I have learned so much from them.

With that being said there are a few things to laugh about. Boobs. They are out there, pushed up and uncovered. And if they are covered it is a guarantee you see the bra. This is not just the women here, but many women in the city. One woman is wearing a strapless dress and I can see most of her bra, not just the straps, but a bit more. Another woman, a bigger woman, was hot in the afternoon so she unbuttoned all of the buttons of her shirt except the middle one that covered the bra. She pulled the rest of her shirt to the side and let the breeze hit her bare stomach. There was a woman yesterday who did this as well.

Name tags. We did not have them so we used tape. They stuck them on the shirt and by the end of the day they were stuck on arms, forehead, boobs….

And there are many things I love. So much laughter. All the time. Joy, happiness, affection. And laughter. Laughter is my favorite.

But at the end of the day, I was moved to tears. Jill wrote about it eloquently so I will share her thoughts:

Yesterday at the training the social workers, nannies, house mothers, nurses, and cooks were talking about this one little boy they were struggling with at the orphanage. They wanted to know why he isolates himself from others. Why he prefers to be alone outside. They spoke about him having temper tantrums and wanted help explaining his behavior so they could help him. Today they wanted to share how they had implemented some of the things they had learned from our training. Here is what they said:

” Last night we warned him ahead of time that he was needing a bath and then he needed to go to bed. We spoke gently with him, smiled at him, we were friendly with him and cuddled with him. We asked him nicely to come take a bath and he listened without throwing a tantrum. Then we praised him for coming and he loved it. We then asked him sweetly to come to bed and he came without challenge. He went to bed. No problem. It worked. Your suggestions worked. All he needed was kindness and patience and love!”

My trainer’s heart was filled with joy. I am filled with joy.




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