I am writing my posts in real time and who ever you are, are reading them back to back, but I am I the moment so join me. We are 15 minutes into our flight from Sudan to Addis. The stop inSudan is to refuel and let passengers off. If you fly on to Addis, you stay on the plane. The pilot said it should take no more than an hour.

I have learned, when flying and is integer situations I which everything is out of my control, NOT to pay attention to time. So I am not sure how long we were actually parked on the Tarmac, but it was much longer than an hour and I know the pilot announced at least 3x that it would be 15 more minutes, so my guess is about 2 hours. But about 15 minutes into the stop I got up to throw something away and ended up right by the exit door, which was open and attaché to a movable staircase. A few of the flight attendants were standing outside and the warm breeze was calling me, so I asked if I could. We all decided that by stepping outside of the plane I could officially say I was in Sudan. (Just like Sarah Palin! Even the Dutch flight attendants got that joke 🙂

So we stood on this makeshift porch and watched the moon rise and talked about the world and jobs and life and Ethiopia. One of the flight attendants has worked this flight for 9 years and spend time in Addis at least 5x each year. We practiced our Amharic on each other and he asked where he could donate clothes so I told him all about Bethany and Yezalalem Minch and Bethany and their sponsorship programs.

Another flight attendant brought her husband and 10 year old son on the trip and they are going to Hawassa for a few days Holiday (that is where we will be) she thought is was a good time for her son to see more of the world and understand how different we all live.

So we seemed to be adopted as part of the crew and had a lovely evening watching the moon rise over the Sahara Desert. Best delay ever.


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