Culture of airports

There is such solidarity in an airport. Everyone shares the same goal. Getting somewhere. It does not matter where you are going. It does not matter what color you are, what country you are from, whether you are rich or poor, we are all in the same boat. We all want to get on an airplane or off an airplane, but no one wants to BE on an airplane. When you are in an airport it is not night or day, lunch or dinner. There is no time, but the irony of that is, you are either waiting or late.

People do things they would likely not do in real life… Sleep/snore/drool in the middle of everything, buy water for $2.50 and coffee for 6.00, but when I have been flying for 8 hours, am tired and have no idea if it is night or day, and I go to Starbucks and say “tall, soy, dirty chai” and they know exactly what I am saying, it is worth $6.00! A final observation. No matter how empty the airplane, and how tired I am and even if I have four seats to spread out across, pillows, blankets, earplugs and a mask, 1 loud yelling, crying, tantrum ing, spoiled 2 year old can prevent me from even 10 minutes of sleep.

And a short post script about Delta/KLM…the did a stand up job and was very impressed by the flight attendants, the movie selection which made up for the horrible food. I even chatted a bit with the pilot (apparently the plane flew itself) and he was pretty whitty and fun. But after my last trip abroad on United via Frankfort, an airline would not have to try hard to impress me. So Turkish air has the best food, good service and good airport, followed by Delta/KLM which had exceptional service and soso food and United is a far third!

Another post script. The witty pilot… Not a pilot, a flight attendant who was dress like a pilot. Which explains why he was not in the cabin for 1/2the journey.


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