Africa, thoughts from the sky

At this moment I am sitting on the Tarmac in Khartoum Sudan. Sudan people! This is unreal. The last 1/2 hour of our decent I was ale to see the vast desert of norther sudan. It is just red, hilt sand for as far as you can see. Endless. And as we get closer to the Capitol city, small communities start to pop up. And then the city itself. When I think about what has happened in this country, what is still happening…it is surreal. And then I am Marat myself for thinking only o f war and genocide and religious intolerance when I think of Sudan.

The experiences I have had in Africa, and have even read about or learned about are equal to one grain of sand in the desert I am sitting in. But I will tell you what I know wilco plate certainty: Africa is rich with so much, it is constantly underestimated and over stereotyped. It has a history that starts from the beginning of time.

Yet we (Americns, Europeans) came here and stole it’s people. We owned them, destroyed their community untied, gave them no opportunity to form knew ones, yet we still manage to discriminate Africans as a whole despite the fact that we took away the humanity, family and community of millions of human beings.

And we still ignore the truth of what is happening here, both good and bad. We see AIDS and poverty and ethnic cleansings and America, as a whole, does very little about it. We do not recognize the Amazing cultures, people, traditions, history that is here, we do not see what people here do every single day. They work and play and learn and worship and love and cry and build and farm… We divide ourselves by oceans and invisible lines and color and religion. We see differences instead of similarities and we build barriers instead of friendships.

It just amazes me that half way across the world there are always kindred spirits, always people to teach you something amazing, to help you learn something about yourself, about love and life and family. Weather you get them for 5 minutes (like the stewardess I was just talking too) or 5 days like the people I train, or 5 years like my colleagues.

I think we all just need is to look out our window more. Open it up and let the breeze of humanity blow in.


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