A side note…

hcgI know you are all expecting great travel posts, but as I sit here waiting to hit the road, I am browsing the web and notice how many diets are out there!  There are a bunch of smoothie/shake diets.  There is a diet that requires you to eat 8 bananas and 3 cups of milk, a rotating menu every three day diet that includes way to much cottage cheese, there  are low carb and low calorie and high fat and low fat diets.  There are diets that deliver packaged foods to your door step.  There is even a diet in which you take pregnancy hormones.  No I am not knocking any of these diets.  Go for it, if you want.  But what I will never understand is that 95% of America will try one of these diets including fake food, no food, chemical substitutes and hormones and think NOTHING of it, yet I continue to get grief that I eat a plant based diet.  Grains, beans, legumes, fruits, veggies, nuts, soy… all natural.  Nothing created. You certainly do not have to do it, but at least acknowledge it makes some sense!



One thought on “A side note…

  1. I won’t knock your dieting habits, I wish that I could eat like that but college expenses leave me eating Ramen. Not literally, that stuff is gross. Well maybe I eat it sometimes. But it’s definitely not my whole diet. Mostly PB&J. There needs to be a social work class on nutrition.

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