Back by popular demand

Well… like 3 people asked for it and that is good enough for me…

I guess there was some general interest last week in my random weekly update.  So I will give it a go again.

Elevator1I almost kissed a stranger (a handsome stranger) walking into an elevator because I was not paying attention.  I was already a bit frazzled from forgetting EVERYTHING that day and I had given myself a nice little pep talk about how the worst was over and I am not that flighty or disorganized and had made up a great excuse that I was going to give my class about why I did not have their papers to hand back and why I forgot my book and power point and everything else.  But the elevator, handsome stranger incident just pushed me over the edge, so I, in typical SaZu fashion just told the ugly truth and will be taking the stairs next week.

9780393333091I am reading such a good book.  Actually I am listening to it.  I am a member of which gives me a downloaded book every month for about $14.  It takes about a month to listen to a book between my drives to work and clients.  I am completely addicted and have “read” many great books.  This has also helped with my Les Miserables obsession and since I am not listening to it for 3 hours a day, I think about a few other things than Jean Valjean, Cosette, Fantine, Eponine, Marius and Javier.  My current book is “Someone Knows My Name” by Lawrence Hill.  It is a great book about a slave’s journey from Africa to the States to who knows where else since I am only half way through.  One of the main characters said the following which struck me “This is my name, this is who I am, this is how I got here.” It is so important to know that about a person, right?  It goes along with my focus on culture attunement this week ( I was preparing for and presenting at a training).  How can we really help someone, really understand them, if we do not know their story.  See their world through their eyes.  “This is my name, this is who I am, this is how I got here.”  Deep stuff.

2The school called Friday morning.  We were expecting there would be a snow day… So when the phone ran at 6 a.m. and Josh heard “This is Tom TenBrink, superintendent of Jenison Public Schools.  Due to inclement weather” He hung up.  I guess “inclement weather” does not always mean Snow Day.  In this case, it meant “2 hour delay”.  Thank goodness grandma was paying attention and called in time for Josh to get the kids dressed and to school.

AA047424Ice skating hurts my feel like crazy, but can be fun for about 30 minutes.  I also learned that when skating at Rosa Park Circle, which a lot of first time skaters frequent, I can feel pretty good about my ice skating abilities.  And all I can do is skate around the small rink with out falling.  Most people are holding onto the rails.  So when I saw a lady skating backwards, I thought: “I can totally do that!”  No.  I can’t.  But I am very good at standing backwards and not moving.

Pesto-PizzaI ate an entire bag of Ghiardelli chocolate chips this week.  Usually on spoonfuls of peanut butter.  I did not get up once with my alarm this week, I wore jeans to work on a thursday because I had to present and look professional on Friday and I had cheese on my pesto wood fired pizza because when I became a vegan I decided to only be a 98% vegan for that very pizza.  I have a new favorite cocktail, I can not remember it’s name or ingredients and Josh is asleep so I will have to fill you in later, but I do know it involves Gin.  Duh.

I have started seeing a chiropractor.  I have NO idea if what she is doing is working, but I get to lay on this “traction” table for 10 minutes, which is like the most amazing massage chair times 100, so I am all for it.

And since last week you all were mad that I apparently ended my blog abruptly I will try this:



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