Believe in someone.

This is my personal blog.  I do not write for work, I am not asked to write for work.  I write what is on my heart.  So the following thoughts are my own and come from my heart… not my desk…

We are trying to figure out what is going on at work.  We are not getting applicants.  We are getting interest,  Lots.  But something happens between people showing interest in adoption and people applying to adopt.

baby-smiles  We looked back.  When people inquire, they are looking for young children.  They are looking for young children who are healthy. I get that.  But those children do not need families.  They just don’t.  For a lot of reasons.  It is easier for single parents, and “impoverished” parents to parent their children because there is more support.  That makes me happy.  There are more people adopting children in their own country.  That also makes me happy.  There are countries that do not need international adoption anymore because they have amazing resources for their children.  That makes me happy.  There are countries that no not participate in international adoption anymore because they do not have the resources or laws or government approval.  That makes me sad.  But if there is going to be international adoption, it needs to be done right.

So here is my question.  I know people have a huge passion for adoption and I know people have a huge passion for helping children, not just babies and toddlers.  So I wonder, do the right people just not know they are needed?  So I need to find those people.  The people that are ready to have a 7, 9, 11, 15 year old in their home.  People who are able to parent a child with a physical, developmental or psychological disability.

I am leaving in a few weeks to Africa again.  Where I will meet lots of children who do not have families.  Because they are 9.  I have a 10 year old and an 8 year old.  I can not fathom who they would be with out a family.  Who would Abby climb into bed with when she had a nightmare?  Who would talk with Hanna when she is devastated about a friend being mean to her?  Who would believe in my kids if I did not?

imagesWho believes in the girl I met last fall.  The one who was abandoned as a toddler, adopted by a local family at age 5, lived with them for 5 years as they abused and neglected her.  As they told her she was a witch that caused only bad things to happen.  Who believes in her now, after she was brought back to the orphanage?

images-1Who believes in the little boy I met in China who smiled so genuinely I wanted to weep?  You see, he will never walk.  But he is so smart.  And so happy.  And he could do amazing things.  If someone believes in him.  It has been 5 years since I saw that boy.  I will never know if he was adopted or if he is still sitting in that orphanage.  But I know he has the capacity to be joyful.  To find happiness despite his disability.

Mise-640x480Who believes in the sibling group of three children that were found wandering hungry, scared and abandoned in the streets of South America?  Who are they going to tell their story too?  About how their parents drank and fought and beat them?  About how they were so hungry and did not know when they would eat again.  Who will reassure these children they do not have to sleep on the street anymore.  Afraid and cold and hungry.

I have touched these heads.  Blessed them with my helpless benediction.  I see them every day, and I need help fighting for them.  Please. Help me find the right people.  Help support the right people.  Do what you can do.  Believe in someone.  And they will believe in you.

*these are not pictures of actual children waiting to be adopted.

*for more thoughts on this topic check out this blog:


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