because I feel like writing

I don’t really have much to say today…no great insights or humorous events, but I am bored and have lots of little things running through my mind and I just feel like writing so I am going to give you all an update in the life of SaZu.


I have started seeing a chiropractor.  They seem to be all the rage, and I like to keep up with the times.  Plus, having Abby walk on my back everyday did not seem to be cutting it anymore.  After all the x-rays and scans were done, I went in to review my situation with the kind doctor. (I did have a bit of a scare when looking at an x-ray and it appears as though there was a zipper in my uterus.  Apparently it was just the zipper on my pants that showed up on the x-ray) So my shoulders are very uneven, my spine is a bit left of normal and something, that should be the shape of a pear, is more like the shape of a pencil.  But my hips, and I am not trying to brag here, are perfectly aligned.  I know I had something special about me.  Speaking of special.. I just realized I forgot my meds today…


I am still living the vegan lifestyle (although someone on line that I do not know pointed out that the morning star black bean burgers I eat may have egg whites in them…GASP! What would she say if I told her I still put cream in my coffee!) Do to my lack of cooking my diet has been pretty predictable:  multi-grain cheerios and almond milk, smoothies, hummus, apples, bananas, Kashi cookies Naked juice and my new favorite invention….pretzel crisps with peanut butter and ghiardelli dark chocolate chips.  I had that for supper which is likely why it is 10:45 and I am hungry and eating a bowl of cereal and and english muffin with cinnamon…I have also become addicted to Pierre Sparkling water, they have 10oz cans my favorite is pink grapefruit following closely by lime.

Domestic life:

Our vacuum has been broken for months and vacuums are expensive!  So we finally borrowed my in-laws 1970 green Hoover which still seems to work, but now I have to vacuum again.  I did a few loads of  laundry today, but forgot about the first one so I had to run load through the washer again b/c it sat there for 6 hours.  When I walked into the kitchen to make my 10:45 pm supper I realized the children had not cleaned up after they made themselves dinner (hey, don’t judge, they like to make dinner, and eat it in front of the 12th episode of Good Luck Charlie for the day). So while I toasted my english muffin, I quickly unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher, put all the food away and wiped down the counter.


I always wonder about getting another tattoo.  I figured if I did, the tattoo would find me.  Well it did, yesterday…



I have had about 10 books on hold at the library for months.  Of course in the matter of 3 days, 8 of them came in.  So now I have 8 book to read in 3 books.  The Orchardist, The Snow Child, The Newlyweds, Tigers in Red Weather, The Baker’s Daughter and 3 other books I did not bother to pick up.  I just finished listening to 12 Tribes of Hattie in the car which was really a great book, until it abruptly ended with no resolution.  Thanks a lot Oprah for your great suggestion that has left me  in emotional turmoil. One of the reasons I am not able to focus on reading is because I have I have a lot of t.v. shows to keep up on: Modern Family, New Girl (OMG!), Switched at Birth, The Carrie Diaries (not sure I am going to stick with this one) Glee and Vampire Diaries (can we have a little more focus on Damon/Elena love please!).  I also just downloaded three new songs:  Little Things by One Direction, This is the New Year by A Great Big World (I prefer the Glee version) and A Thousand Years by Christina Perri (from the movie Breaking Dawn)


I found this quote the other day which I feel completely encompasses who I am:


But sometimes when I do things on a big scale, they can look a bit like “obsessions”.  And right now, I am “learning” about Les Miserables “on a big scale”.  I will admit it has become a bit of a problem, so I decided to take a break from listening to the soundtrack, looking up clips on you tube and browsing pictures and interviews of Eddie Redmayne. But I really thought I could handle just a few songs in the car yesterday, which turned into listening to the soundtrack almost 2 times which turned into watching the 10th anniversary special on  YouTube as well as parts of the 25th anniversary special (because I like Nick Jonas as Marius) which turned into watching clips of Darrin Criss singing Disney Songs which turned into watching clips of my favorite Glee numbers and all of a sudden it was 9:30 and I had not eaten dinner (with the exception of peanut butter chocolate chip pretzels or put the kids to bed.   Did I mention I forgot my meds today? Oops.


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