Snow Day

January 21 finally brought snow to our little corner of the world.  So much so, that school was cancelled on the 22nd.  We got the call at 5:45 a.m. and I promptly went back to sleep.  Josh headed to work.  I heard the girls get up… I heard them face timing their cousins.  I heard them yell for joy when they saw they neighbor kids outside and I heard them yell…mom we are going to the neighbor’s house!  But what woke me up for good, was a phone call, at 10:56.  Yes, I did sleep for 12 hours.  Yes, I am fine with that.

I answered all my work emails while laying in bed, check in on gmail and facebook and finally decided to mosey downstairs.  I found that the children had potato chips for breakfast (but they did eat them on plates) the kitchen a total disaster, every iPod/pad and computer unplugged and out of battery and one room I could not walk through due to discarded snow gear.  I was fine with all that as well.

I worked, ate breakfast and lunch with in 30 minutes of each other watched The Carrie Diaries and Switched and Birth and figured I was lazy enough.  I could accomplish something.  So I paid each kid $5 to clean something and I decided to tackle supper.  Josh was planning on making this amazing soup:  Ditalini with Chickpeas and Garlic-Rosemary Oil, from Bon Appetit magazine (reputable). It had a lot of steps.  It involved chopping, dicing and even using the food processor.  Twice.  It even had a “meanwhile” it it.  But I stayed strong.  I read the steps, decided to do only one thing at a time despite the recipe wanting me to boil and chop simultaneously.  The house smelled amazing.

Pause for a moment here.  I love finding great quotes and last night on pinterest, I found a bunch… all inspiring, all about not giving up and changing your circumstances and trying, and all that stuff…For example:



So here is the thing.  I did everything, exactly right.  Not a single missed step, ingredient or measurement.  I was proud of myself.  I even posted it on Facebook.  I.Made.Supper.  Then I thought… hmmm, It dose not at all look like the picture… I wonder why that is?  I am going to taste it.  At least if it looks like shit (no it really does look like baby shit) it is full of spices and it simmered, it is bound to taste great.  Well. Big surprise, it tasted like steaming hot, dirty dishwater.  The chickpeas were still crunchy, the pasta chewy.  I had to spit it out.

Every time I try to cook something goes wrong, and then I give it a few months and think, “No! it is in my head, there is NO reason I can not make myself a batch of soup”  But then every time.  I fail, in one way or another, I completely fail.  I am usually at peace with my domestic inability, shrugging it off as something I could do, but don’t need to do cause my husband loves to cook.  Some where in my mind I think, “Sarah, of course you can cook, anyone can cook” and then I try and fail and am reminded, once again, that I really CAN NOT cook.  (and for those of you who think you can teach me, please don’t suggest that, you really can’t)  So here I am at 3:30 in the afternoon, still in my pajamas and yesterdays make up, I haven’t even brushed my teeth, and I am done with today.

I should probably go write a list of things I am good at, if I can find a pen and paper in my completely messy, cluttered and unorganized house.



3 thoughts on “Snow Day

  1. I ate dinner at 8:30pm and it consisted of wheat thins and cheese. Emma held down the fort during today’s snow day. The University NEVER closes and I had to teach a night class too. I’m jealous of your day of pj attire. Totally loving this post. Effort counts for A LOT!

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