Child of Mine

I am the first to admit I am not the greatest mother.  I mean, I get the job done…don’t get me wrong, but about 1 hour of kid time and I am done… I readily agree to let them watch t.v., play games on their Ipods, eat dinner in front of a Netfix movie that have seen 12 times.   I work more than a full time job and spend a lot of time hiring babysitters to get out of the house, but there is always one moment where my mother’s love takes over.

There is nothing more precious than a sleeping child.  The innocence is insanely heart warming and when I see my child sleeping so peacefully, I am sure I did something right…

My dad and I share a love of music…well I should say he loves music…all kinds, and I happen to enjoy some good folk artists, Brandi Carlisle, Emme Lou Harris, Dar Williams…So one day he handed me a cd of this guy, Bill Stains, who sings this amazing song, that since I have had kids, I listen to even more… A few nights ago, Johanna was sad and I was snuggling with her and we got to talking about her awesomeness and I started to sing her this song…and she smiled and cheered up…. and I did my job.

And then tonight I am thinking, I was once that child that Bill was singing about…and so were you… enjoy!

and the lyrics in case you want them..

Child of mine, you are the wildest wind and the dearest dream
 I will ever know.
 Love's lasting light shines out from deep within this father's 
 As I watch you grow.

 Child of mine, you are the break of dawn and the brightest star
 I will ever know
 Love's lasting light comes shining on and on from this mother's 
 As I watch you grow

 There is a road, and that road is all your own
 But we are here, you need not walk alone.
 To face, not fear each coming new unknown
 Is the way to lift your wings

 Child of mine, you are the sweetest song and the greatest gift
 I will ever know.
 Child of mine, where spirits fly above there is but one
 that belongs to you.

 So let it grow and it will thrive on love
 For it is love that sees us through

 You have the hands that will open up the doors
 You have the hopes this world is waiting for
 You are my own, but you are so much more
 You are tomorrow on the wing,

 Child of mine.

One thought on “Child of Mine

  1. Ah, Sara, another love we have in common. Bill Staines has been a favorite of mine for years. A real treat was getting to hear him up close and personal at Salt of the Earth in Fennville a couple of years ago. Watch for him. He shows up in small venues now and then. Bettye Jo

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