Becoming Beautiful

I am one of those people that truly gets sucked in to marketing campaigns.  And I hate that about myself, but, if I see an advertisement saying my eyelashes will look thicker and longer, I buy the product.  I know it is not going to work.  I know I will not look like the airbrushed supermodel that is promoting it, but my subconscious is screaming… this might be the one!

Just this week I have purchased multiple products all because Pinterest said they would bring perfection to my life.

1.  Mascara:  combo of Maybelline’s Colossal and Falsies mascara would change your world.  I have been wearing this combo for a week.  Not a peep from anyone…



0432002a7f9711e180d51231380fcd7e_72. Hair “shiner”:  When I read “Liquid Gold Shine Therapy” I went to the grocery store that moment.  I had to own it!  And I picked up the “softening” product that went with it.  You can’t be liquid gold shine with out softness!  And again even when prompting people by saying “I used a new product in my hair today that is supposed to make it shiny and soft” they just smiled and went on with their business.

159314905538232825TUOwyRVVc3.  Nude: Now, not everything I bought was about being shinier, bolder, bigger, softer… I decided that I really like the nude shades of lipstick and nail polish that I noticed on the airbrushed models.  Well, after buying 4 shades of lipstick trying to find the perfect “nude” I realized that chapstick does the same thing…And the nail polish? Yeah, not so great either…now I look like I just have skin colored nails…(aka no nails at all).

Don’t be fooled that is Not Me!

bb-creamSo $50 later, I still look just like me and have added about 15 minutes to my already precious morning routine.  And, I was just reading about this new make up called BB (whatever that means) that is supposed to change my life! It will even my skin tone, moisturize, protect from the sun, and likely help me fulfill my newest dream of becoming an actress.  A singing actress. This make up could help me sing and act right?

In other news, my obsession with Les Miserable is back.  And by obsession I mean completely over the top  I saw the movie twice… I could have gone more, but I can’t go through the emotional turmoil for a while.  I now own three separate recordings of the entire soundtrack that I listen to for different reasons.  I also have watched the 10th and 25th anniversary specials on You Tube in 5 minute clips multiple times.  (Who knew Nick Jonas could be such a good Marius).  And speaking of Marius, Eddie Redmayne is the single most talented man on the face of this earth.


You can disagree with me on socialism and gun control and gay marriage, but do NOT speak bad of Eddie Redmayne as Marius in my presence.  EVER

For more on my Les Miserables thoughts, you can read my post from last year’s stage production:  Will You Join In My Crusade?


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