A little late…

I should have posted this before Christmas, but maybe you have some Christmas money to spend? Here are some great ideas I picked up this fall..





And my personal favorite….

I also have a cute kid story from today in the car,
(10 year old) Johanna: Was Jesus ever married?
(36 year old) Me: Nope
IMG_0256J: Did he ever have a girlfriend?
Me: Nope
Me: Some people say he was dating Mary Magdalene..
J: Who is that?
Me: well there were a lot of Mary’s in the Bible so this Mary was called Mary Magdalene, she was a friend of Jesus. She had a sister Martha and a brother Lazarus. You know the story of Lazarus right?
J: No, are you going to tell to to me?


Me: Sure…(followed by the story of Lazarus dying and being raised from the dead.

J: Oh, like a Zombie!


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