Positive+Negative-300x294My last few blogs have been pretty negative… seeing all that is wrong with the world and trying to rally people up to change. Well, I am not sure who reads my blog, but I am sure if you do, it is not to get lectures about political change and rants about the messed up world we are in. I promised myself the next blog I wrote would be positive… and it has been a while… not that positive things aren’t happening, but not blog worthy things… I assume people are not super interested at how many days I slept in or wore pajamas until 2:00 or what I got for Christmas or how I finally vacuumed the rug in my basement…

globe-1And it took 3 incidences for me to even realize what I wanted to reflect on… You see, I have a great job. An amazing job. I love working with adoptive families, I love training, I love seeing children come home, I love seeing how they thrive, I love traveling and working with our partners abroad. But that is work, it is easy, I get paid to do it and all the resources are right in front of me, so I want to do more. I see all the problems in the world and want to battle them all. HIV, clean water, discrimination against women, child slavery, war, civil war, child soldiers, school shootings… and I get overwhelmed with it all and where to start and if change is even possible.

And then, on Christmas Eve I got a letter handed to me. One of my clients from 10 years ago works with my cousin and they made the mutual connection. This client brought a picture and a letter to be given to me. The letter talked about how wonderful their child is, all of her successes and interests, and how she has blessed their lives. The mom said “Thank you for being a part of this”

Christmas day, I got a text from another client. She said, “Last year on this day, we arrived home with our son. Thank you for helping us build our family”

china3And today, I was checking my work mail and came across a card from a family I did not recognize. I looked at the back of the picture and saw a familiar Chinese name. Then I looked at the picture of the boy and immediately remembered. 5 years ago, I went to China to assess children in an orphanage in Beijing, hoping to find families for them. This little boy was the one I connected with. His mischievous smile, his laughter, his playfulness. The family that wanted to adopt him called me and I told them all about this little boy. I also told them what a connection I had made with him. Right when the family returned home from China she called to say what a great little boy he was and my assessment was right on. Today, 5 years later, that family though of me and sent me a Christmas card.

When talking about adoption, people often say to adoptive parents, “your child is soooo lucky to have you” and adoptive parents honestly reply “No, I am the lucky one”. Well I am the one out there that is lucky… I did my job, I hope I did it with love and compassion, but it was a small part of the journey. It is I, who is so blessed by every child and family I have ever worked with.

And just because, here is a picture of me being a pirate…


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